Bullish HAMMER in process by Smart Money

ATR 735 Pips on a 4hr. Entry almost aligned with the Range trend. Vwap at 59K zone is yet not confirmed to move up by ATR PIPS. About 3 hours left to close out the 1day hammer which is still in process. 1Day price action hammers are compared with 4-hour candlesticks with a corner-to-corner green alignment.
Bullish rectangle with the trend moving up to $53k for now and showing 2 double bottoms.
If this spikes, great but I’d rather want the 1day hammer to close out. This will confirm more than what we expect in higher price although I can confirm with pips.
Hoping it can stabilize now or even if price goes down a little that’s ok.
About 3 hours left in the 1 day time frame.
FYI- there was a major correction after NYSE closed,
The Asian session may dip, if so, I won’t be surprised if BTC falls a little.
If this happens, I’ll submit a stop loss ATR PIPS. This will happen not saying it will but be ready. As always many sell for fear.
It usually has a small dip before the up move. Hammer is doing A great job.
40 seconds left and hammer is now created
What connects with this beautiful lovely hammer.
Whales detection has confirmed a bull run and 4hr time frame has a high volume in buys, this shows what comes next, last whales low and high volume moved up over $10k neither am I saying 10k comes next, I can only promise what ATR PIPS reads meaning $56k. Once we get up to $56k, I’ll recalculate pips depending on direction.
COVAL long position pips at 0.015, can be more.

BULL signal confirmation
Just completed a private idea and won’t submit for review until if we maybe start to see a correction dip based on pips which is a short position. It’s not a bad value either. Nothing to fear based on 735 pips. Still reads in awesome shape.

Neither are there any signals for a fall yet.
If it starts to dip: pips will read target zone and worst case scenario, I’ve pin pointed the most volume zones into 1 which if this private idea ever gets seen, it’s good for us to see how far deep can it fall.
This can help many make a decision.
I have it prepared but no reason to show since BTC reads safe and still scheduled for $56k
Just wanted to add, Asian session is doing great, next comes London, after London, I’ll report NYSE numbers later.
So far since today, NYSE has landed in the moon and remains, reached its highest Higher Highs.

United States reads: Consumer price index +0.32%, much higher than before.
1hr doji was discontinued within those 7 min but was converted into a bullish hammer, I call it the price action sniper formula.
As I use a method of 2 candlestick's, one inside a block candlestick, it was able to display a hammer as it calculated based on volume.
30 minute time frame
NYSE ATR 78.3 pips reads on long position $18,177.
It’s currently at $18,004.

30 minute time frame
COINBASE STOCK is at $170.91
ATR PIPS is at 2.8 reads on a long position $176.78

1hr time coinbase stock reads $181.57

Let’s see how it turns out for tomorrow
COINBASE is staring off with low volume in sells.

NYSE is gonna go higher today as I mentioned but shows much more in value, so far reads
BTC still on the good side, here is the private idea short position I’ve mentioned yesterday.
Not saying it’s happening but it’s what to look out for incase there’s a drop but it’s not the case for now.
We’ve had price action signals with smart money retesting in progress.
This would apply for traders who are thinking of joining the trade or short term traders who bought late or have some profits.
This can help us meet our goals by using pips rather than guessing.

1 day shows $55k plus at 1836.9 pips on a long position.
Price for pips still stands on this long position idea for stop target at $50,440.
Remember private idea is short position target at $49,556.
Someone asked what are pips.

PIP: percentage in point, is a unit of measure used in the trading of currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments. In the context of Bitcoin trading, a pip is a unit of measurement that represents the smallest change in value that a Bitcoin can experience.
ATR PIPS LONG POSITION is still valid in this idea. I’ve checked pips and went from 735 pips to 644.9 pips.
Stop target went a little lower but I would not worry yet.
Many retail investors sold which was a huge dump, 4hr time shows a greater uptrend value.
12 retesting signals
Im still waiting for the whales to enter the trade: it’s a matter of time.
1hr time frame
Despite correction, smart money is the last to call the shots. They knew as they played the part to add pressure for retail investors to exit before they move up more.
The BUY signal despite ATR PIPS appeared last night at 10pm pt. Prior I had received my whales BULL signal making its way since 2/22 at 9pm pt.
ATR with pips still on target Which did not change directions, kept its bullish momentum. Whale signals have combined with PIPS has been an accomplishment.
As time goes on, you’ll see how it works in great results. 90% win rate.
Many coins, PIPS cant display a big price because of how slow they move etc but my smart money graph can dictate when is the next BULL RUN which is something new Ive researched & have back tested.
BTC has not even started its main event bull run, it’s still pending. Whales aren’t involved much yet.
Whales are getting more involved but slowly
Many idea analysis have been created and show have great meaning on downtrend impact but I void them out.
There is no indication of a major fall otherwise id use short private position idea.
Since 1day weighs more, reads above $55k in percentage in price with ATR on long term.
So there’s no use of selling if the outcome points out the real value.
For now this idea must first get completed before moving forward with other pips.
VWAP points out to 59K and halving points out to 66k.
Price this high, ATR will show us how much of a dip will we expect if there’s a short fall before it moves up.

Note: mates, my vision is not as clear and at times I can’t correct if I have misspelled, I also voice text and text fast. So please excuse my errors.
Asian, London, and NYSE combined showing by using short and long position ATR 53 pips

No lower than $17,808 and as high as target $18,046.
As of now it’s at $17,917.
1 hour time frame based from a 53 pips with ATR measurements.
BTC should not loose much value if all sessions would go to as lowest $17,808.

Despite all said, BTC ATR with percentage in price reads its own measurement.

What does this tell us, BTC will keep value for now. Will have some small dips but a major does not read yet.
ASIAN SESSION started at 3pm pt and is now positive.
This idea was based off of 735 pips. Now BTC reads 496.8 pips.
Short position target reads the same as this idea but with lesser pips.
Long position target is about $500 lesser in price from this idea.
So far the lesser in pips while BTC keeps the price up the better. As pips become lesser, the more BTC can spike. Much things to take into consideration besides ATR and percentage in price.
whales volume is not much involved but other group of smart money called BULL-sharks have been keeping the price up.

Retail traders have not shown weakness, still in the game.
Maybe by tomorrow after 6am pt. Even though despite ATR with percentage in price measures, based on my histogram and 1 day low and high volumes with retesting signal confirmation again. Im looking forward for an up move very soon.
My Whales HOT COIL WAVE has risen, meaning BTC is in a figure of what’s called compression from not falling away.
Histogram BULL RUN confirmed as price moved up after 6am pt, once $53k zone is completed from this idea, will then move up to the next ATR with PIPS.
I have to take into consideration a small dip before moving up higher. Pips will determine that.
Trade closed: target reached:
Oops while I was updating a comment BTC hit its target. This idea is now closed. Target reached

Albert Lopez