600 and under in 5 hours

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Hi Shantee,

It's not shame to fail, what I critized is a way you claim a collapse is coming soon !
Everybody knows bitcoin is in a bloody downtrend, so at this point, you're not a genius.
But you're predicting a dip in pseudo accurate way, as you would lunch a sky rocket.
four, three, two, one, ignition... and ? Pscht, nothing !
So you took risk to demonstrate you're the new Nostradamus. You fail, so I can tease you.

My french phrase "Cesse d'etre aussi peremptoire (Don't be so peremptory)" means this. And I'm sure you clearly understood because you french is fluent enought to get it. BTW the street you live is IMO one of the most beautifull and peacefull street of Paris. I luv it !
Hey Thanks BryceWH (your encouragement is actually worth a nice donation ^^)

ps: "peremptoire" actually means "categorical" or "bold" english isn't so good (neither 's my french actually but i am also working on it)
elFlo Shantee
I fully agree with your chart, you were just a little short on the timeframe that's all. As BryceWH said, give it a day at most and it'll come true, i have no doubts.
shantee you post great charts, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i agree with your prediction as well - give it another 6-12 hours ;)
I have failed indeed what a shame, but have I failed that much (i am still believing this thing 'll go under 600 and that could happen any soon now)?

and finally no! i won't stop from taking position (if I am correct with the translation of the second part of your comment). Most chart people post here are meaningless. Why should I be afraid to say anything ? If it doesn't happen then what ? Life goes on !
I believe people who check other people charts are looking for ideas, advices, or a way to know the sentiment of the other traders.. At least mines are clear?
And i also believe people are publishing their charts / ideas because they like charting stuff and also because it is kind of an exercise for them. to train and develop our analysis skills.

If you post a chart and you accompany it with words like "maybe " "perhpas" "i am not sure though" what's the point of posting it if you don't even believe in the work you have realized ?
So if I am "wrong" now..then i don't think it's such a big deal what is there to loose anyway ?

(come on don't tell me you actually blindly base your trades on other people 's idea ?)

So If i am "wrong" this time I 'll do my best to find ways to improve my analysis for next time.
Shantee you totally failed!

fr : Cesse d'etre aussi peremptoire !
looks like it's going to take a little more time than i thought ..but i wouldn't worry about it will come to it.

As I said in an other chart i posted, my "method" is actually nothing special . It's not even a method at all.
I don't use any secret indicators or special system. (i check the rsi though)

I just take time to study the chart and to analyse it . I usually start with a big TF like 5hours and i finish with a short one for the details (20 minutes is ok)

I use different tools like : gann fan, gann square, forks, fib wedges , circles etc...

I also try to define some specific period , sometime they are related to the moon phases some other time not

(dunno any dogecoin and don't understand the pun)
Anyway you are understanding that, of course, there are some thoughts and some work into this chart ( which looks like a kind of joke but it's voluntary ). You also notice that it is quite accurate (for now ) ?
I did not wrote or drew this this..

I have decided to make it simpler for most of you to read (because you might not be familiar with my method and the others things i needed before drawing that line)
Shantee, can you explain how you got this though?
LOL, look at this kids chart...ROFL, maybe you should stick to Dogecoins.