up 20 then down to about 245 or possibly going up by 40

OKEX:BTCUSD1W   BTCUSD Futures Contract 30 July 2021
took exact center -- green line between two vertical trend lines at left, put them in exact middle of where i believe the confirmation hit.. while crisscrossing them, drew new purple vertical trend line right between the criss-crossing duplicated trend lines , making sure that the cross was in the exact center of the bottom and the confirmation...

the other scenario is this will repeat something like what happened with the last mini bubble a couple weeks ago -- here's what I think they could do...

new prediction - from here it's gonna go up by 20 bucks, put in slightly bigger chop than what we just had for 12 hours straight retracing by 5 dollars total - then up by another 25 bucks, retrace by 10, extremely bullish looking choppy slow rise up over 12 hours then 10 bucks up and huge seloff, 75% back


better throw darts at a dart board 50/50