MultiTimeframe RSI & S/R levels to identify tops

These are some of the indicators from my two packages available on TradingView appstore.

This chart has S/R levels, derived from an oscillator, overlaid on price action for easy identification of clusters and turning points. It also marks bars (up / down triangles above/below) with reducing momentum to show potential upcoming bounce levels. This S/R level is derived from %B, while you can do the same from other metrics like volume, momentum etc.

RSI MTF pane shows an easy to read dashboard of where RSI is at from multiple timeframes (all user configurable). Each row in that pane is one timeframe. This chart shows RSI pane with 4hr/6hr/12hr and 1D readings. It shows only OB/OS signals, but can be configured (via options page) to show all intermediate states. It allows you to color the price bars when OB/OS on all timeframes synch. As this chart shows, it is a very powerful mechanism to identify major turning points.

Check out the complete documentation - - to learn more about my other appstore indicators and their features. '

PS: I will continue to publish free indicators, not planning to stop that :)
If you are interested, do check out my complete list of free indicators (around 170 now).

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