BTCUSD rise is needed and new strong support formed near 31-32K

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
As we can see price had some fake out and hit some sl down there and it is good sigh for new upcoming rise that we were looking for .

now we are looking for rise and even pump until our targets reach.

first resistance ahead with reason explained on chart , and if after that 42K (main resistance ) break then this would be just beginning.

Notice :as you can see there is green zone considered on chart if price start to dump or see some more range or ... it should receive that support and start rise else that is sign of weakness and it can see new low .

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Trade active: local resistance is breaking wait for sharp
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You must be a whale if it breaks this time.
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Great outlook,but still selling pressure is high. Can breakout 35-36k?
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@bzkoin, that's completely right
Good perspective🔥
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Great analysis mate!
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awesome plan mate
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Nice plan!
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You really don't get it. Just because it's sitting slightly above 30k does not mean it is a real support.
the real big Pum will be at Support 10K.