Trading BITCOIN on 2H - My Automated Strategy

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hi guys,

Today while playing with my strategies I was searching for the best Buy & Sell strategy for trading Bitcoin in 2H. BTCUSDT

Here are the rules:
  • Only long trades (Entry long + Exit long)
  • Backtest From 2018-01-01 to today, starting after 2017's bull rally
  • 0.1% commission
  • 10 000 € as initial capital
  • 100% equity as order size
  • No pyramiding

1. Beat Buy & Hold return
2. Get the biggest Net Profit in the backtest results
3. Create a bot with it!

Here is what I found
Base indicator: SuperTrend
ATR multiplier : 12
ATR Lookback : 1

Trade filter: ADX
Timeframe: 2H
Threshold: 14

Take profit: 17%
Why 17% ? In average, a leg up is around 17%. This is what gave the best results.

No stop loss. The SuperTrend makes a very good natural trailing stop loss. We sell when it reverses.

I built an alert setup for this strategy, with simple BUY and SELL signals for those willing to automate and create their own bot. See the indicator link below.

Feel free to share your strategy/idea for trading Bitcoin in 2H!

Thanks for reading.

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