Educational - Bitcoin Price Prediction 5 Million - 20 Million

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This will be my final post going into the future as I have uncovered that the majority of the crypto space "CT's" have absolutely no understanding of marketcaps and to whoever would come by this hopefully it opens your eyes to the reality.

Once Bitcoin ETF's get approved allowing the biggest traded finance market on the earth 🌎 to get involved into the liquidity of Bitcoin it will take somewhere around 1 Trillion USD of to move Bitcoin to just 1 Million USD in todays price.

10% of the Bitcoin's in existence have not moved since the genesis days maybe lost? could be we can't know for sure, this then takes the only available supply to 18,900,000 remove another 5,000,000 for the speculated lost supply that's 13,900,000 left. If only 1 Trillion enters Bitcoin from the stock market (equal to 1-3%) alone that's $1,383,528 USD per Bitcoin .

Now hopefully newcomers understand the FUD and negative news, once this realization happens to majority of the worlds population you're going to see an evolution happen the renaissance rebirth of the global financial system. Once this starts to playout during the end of this year, ETF's and institutions will be paying insanely high premiums directly to miners to get Bitcoins before they reach the public exchange market (its happening right now). I predict there will be a shortage similar to a housing crisis, just remember you cannot build or create more Bitcoins after 21,000,000 is reached for a period of time it will be impossible to find Bitcoins on any given exchange including prices rising 10's of thousands in single weeks possibly days.

I wish good fortune and Godspeed to whoever goes on with this knowledge welcome to new digital renaissance

Bitcoin price 50,000
5% of a Bitcoin today $2,500 USD
5% of a Bitcoin at 1 Million $50,000 USD