BTR BTR.V Completed a cup and handle - ready for more upside?

The Chart:

Looking at how this has been beaten down in the last year is quite something! After bringing an interim CEO in, consolidating the share structure and drilling out their properties, upside has started to be realized. Looking at last fall, a similar cup and handle came into play. Note, that this was without a rallying POG , and with a larger float. I remain very bullish going forward!

Brief Background (follow up with your own research!):

This is, by all indicators, a very technically sound gold play in the heart of the urban windfall area.

They hold the only mill in the area. $OSK is located in the same camp (no mill though). BTR has defined approximately 2.1 Million ounces in the ground. Highlights include three flagship deposits, one of which, remains open in all directions.

KL .TO has invested into the recently closed private placement. This private placement raised a massive 32 million. Share count is small, and held tightly by all indications (level 2 is extremely thin - insiders have kindly purchased on the market at times as well).

Greg Gibson recently appointed CEO, a friend of Eric Sprott.