What if BTT follows TRX early days...

Tron dipped down to 17sats. Then had a hell of a run up to 400 sats over 17days, followed by a 50fib level retrace to 200 sats . And then a final 4.6 fib extension run up to over 2000 sats . In absolutely no time at all!

If BTT is on a similar track, we might be as little as 2 days away from getting started. (The yellow vertical line above) And in the event of such madness (shooting BTT up to a temporary est . $7b market cap) then I would suggest keeping an eye on the daily stochastic . As that provided the best entry/exit signals during the TRX initial bubble top. And, even if BTT doesn't hit 2000 sats , it'll probably guide you to the appropriate exits just the same.

Bring forth the FOMO!
Trade active: Current circulating supply is <90b BTT = $65m market cap (4k bitcoin & 19sats)

Thereby, you can increase the value of BTT by 23x to match the current tron market cap. Arguably justifiable, given same CEO, same marketing/hype, and the 100m potential user base at BitTorrent.

23x 19 sats = 437 sats.
That price is near identical to the first leg up on TRX run to 2000 sats.

So, arguably, you can justify such an initial run-up.
And once said run up has taken place. Peoples outlook and perspectives change. They will be way more optimistic. They've just made 23x their money. So whats a bit more?

Thereby, entirely plausible that FOMO then takes over, and re-paints the TRX picture to 1000-2000 sats. Which would temporarily at least take BTT to a 7b valuation. Far too high for the current crypto market (which means it'll fall back down straight away)... But also, not that high historically; there were a lot of shit coins in the 1-10b range back in Jan 2018.

Interesting I think!
How much of the above is what I hope will happen vs what I think will happen. I have no idea.
Trade active: Are we creating the springboard for BTT now? As daily stoch is crossing up, signalling the end of the corrective downtrend, and the DMI has the blue & orange cross.

Check out the beginning of Tron:

And now BTT:

It's still very early in the day for Monday still... so we need to see more volume turn up ideally to begin to validate this idea.