BUMI (Swing Trading, January 2021) 2016-2017 Pattern Analysis

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the infamous 50 pink chip BUMI, is actually an opportunity. Once 50 turns into 70, moving towards 78, it will eventually leads to 105 like before in 2016

It has potential to go to 200, 300, 400, and 500 (most dangerous peak). Be careful with your exit timing and don't try to hold.

Based on past pattern, BUMI is on 4 month uptrend. February could be the highest peak for BUMI, if I'm wrong, exit with profit or follow your instinct.

Don't be greedy, penny stock is that cheap that it might attract greed. Lot of people have huge losses with this one in the past, because they missed their exit timing
we surpassed 105 to 120, told you it's bullish by past pattern. Who knows if it reaches 200 by 22 Jan 2021
Trade active:
18 Jan 2021: highest 155. Stable 151 & 150. down to 130 (lump sum opportunity, support area)

Remember not to put all eggs in one basket. BUMI is a speculative uptrend, noone knows when it could go back to the jinx price, yea let's not jinx it by saying it.

Huge possibility by this Friday or next Monday, the price might go to 200. Reserve 200 everyday and hope, it will eventually break into new resistance
Trade active:
BUMI : 121 (19 jan 2021)

relax people, today everything went red except for UNVR, well eventually UNVR declined too.

It will break to 200 based on past pattern. Safe bet is to sell on 160 or 170
Trade active:
If we all sell at high prices and noone sell low, we keep our grounds. This would never happen. Everyone just panic. Ended up selling none, 3 days ARB

How can you sell quick, if the top list buyer doesn't even pop up. ARB means buyer has to buy top list offer on a frozen deep. The collective psychology is rigged
Trade active:
HOLD. Don't buy. 70? we are reaching 60 to 50. IHSG is on 5800 just like March 2020. Meaning? Crash. Hold until you know what month, I ain't gonna jinx it. There is no point in cutloss during 60, or even 50. 50 are what institution investors want so they can go lump sum on desperate loss stoppers. You don't give them that

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