BW - What a beautiful Weekly chart

NYSE:BW   Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc

Weekend preperation and discovery . I love it when I find something as beautiful a BW on the Weekly time frame. I looked through about 300+ charts today and found 22 that I fell in love with for April.

Focus is the stochastic indicators, mainly the middle and bottom one. The top stochastic is my signal with a shorter setting. It shows me direction and confirmation for trade execution. The idea is to find charts that have stochastic that angle like the one in BW , almost like the stochastic wants to jump out of the indicator and move into the chart. Extremely good and pronounced BULLISH DIVERGENCE .

Price continues to try to move down, while momentum continues to move to the upside. Bullish divergence , trend reversal and dollar signs. I boxed the angle/shape on the stochastic . Hope ya'll enjoy.

Top - Stochastic signal
Middle - Stochastic 14
Bottom - Stochastic 21