CAB - will this double top neckline hold up and act as support?

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Clearly CAB made a nice double top confirmed by the AO. Now is CAB going to make a double bottom here? I don't think so for two reasons. 1. AO not showing any divergence and 2. the double top price target is closer to 52. For those who are long, I hope I'm wrong.

Horizontal S&R: yes
Channel S&R: no
MA S&R: no
Stochastic turn/crossover above 80%: yes
AO pullback >0= 85: yes
Price Pullback Fib >0.382: n/a

Next Earnings date: Oct             23, 2014 (EST)
Increasing EPS: yes
Increasing Rev: yes

*stop 1 atr below swing low.
** first price target is 50% the move from entry price to previous high.
***No Biotech

Any feedback is welcomed! Thx