PLAN A and PLAN B , them WAIT , NO surprises no stress

FOREXCOM:CADCHF   Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc
Advance Trade ;This particular trade it is not for everyone ,if you are new I will not trade this trade, if you are new just wait and see what happen, or do a practice in demo account.
Reason to go Long
- Base on a possible good news and a very low price the CAD will go long in the average time this happen it is around 100 pips up them the news them back down again very low.
Step 0 ; Entry point I just waiting to break the 1h the previous level on MACD at 3.9
Step 1 ;The Plan for this trade it is to go Long until Wednesday BOC Rate Statement at 03:00 pm,
Step 2 ; them get out
Step 3 Wait for the news see the movement
Step 4 a continuation to Plan A target 2 or Plan B target 1 if very strong them maybe plan B target 2

But remember sometime there is bad news or good news and the market go in the opposite direction base on something that we missing on our plan , allays look before an entry
If this plan do not work as plan I will do nothing an take my lost and looks what maybe happen
Good luck with your trading , any question let me know
Trade active: I have make and entry to go Long
Stop Lost 0.71532 Target 1 Plan A 0.73631 or if the time coming first of the news I will closed
Trade active: Second entry same Stop lost same target
Trade closed manually: I have closed until clear on the news , remember we have more news tomorrow Oil inventory that will be effect CAD
I am on step 2
Trade active: I am in again Long until tomorrow
Trade closed manually: I closed manually 0 profit at second entry
Trade active: Short CADCHF plan B
Trade closed manually: This was a bad trade :( I am sorry ,wrong plan
Start now, take one step at a time towards achieving your vision, and never give up on reaching your goal
Daniel Martin