NYSE:CAT   Caterpillar, Inc
$CAT This monster name must walk this line for our target. The past 23 day move has rewarded those who have remained steadfast. Follow me on twitter @BeautyBubble and here on TradingView. Thank you, Sincerely, Beauty


$CAT. Discussion now is more of, "do companies have to make wierd concessions to have China's doors open?" As you can see, though the name recovered and remains. Any other company would be dragged over the coals. So interesting. Please follow me on twitter @BeautyBubble AND here on TradingView. Sincerely, Beauty
$CAT. Reloading the bars here at 3:38p/est we can see that the threat/possibility of $96.25 was probable by all measure. This is one of the many reasons I love TradingView, it reveals quickly if my thesis was, is, and continues to be correct, in need of correction, completely off, or move over Beauty. Follow me on twitter @BeautyBubble and here on TradingVIew. SIncerely, Beauty