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During a "short squeeze" there is a phrase longs don't want to hear. They begged me not to utter the words, but I must say it anyway.

"Looks pretty squoze to me"

That's how a short squeeze ends. The desperate shorts got their big chance to close off at breakeven, and now the tables have turned alltogether. It has shifted from a short squeeze to a long squeeze. The fact is that although there is something like $20 million worth of short exposure on CEL, there is more like 1 BILLION dollars of long spot exposure to CEL. The longs claim to be loyal to their cause of "squeezing" the shorts, but at the end of the day all capital in crypto is mercenary and they will sell when they know all is lost.

This is the sad fact of the "short squeeze" is that even during a "retail movement" retail ALWAYS loses. Most fools are still holding, expecting prices to increase to $100. They don't have a fundamental understanding of the truth about how markets work. Every move has a narrative, but all narratives are irrelevant to the market. The marks don't have an exit plan. The second prices started to fall, they started selling. Many are still holding at a big loss after buying the top, and just want out at breakeven.

The goal of the market could be phrased like this:

To Cause The Most Pain To The Most People

And assuming that is true, it makes perfect sense for CEL to fall down massively now that it has gotten as many people as possible to buy and also caused the majority of the retail shorts to close. CEL going down would cause far, far more pain for retail than CEL rising, since almost all of them are long and just hoping for price to rise.

In this way, the market is the exact inverse of perfect utilitarian good wheras retailers seem to think the opposite. They think that the market is a utilitarian good designed to print free money for them.

I've seen some Tweets on Twitter from CEL "squeeze" cultists who are effectively saying the words "return to normal" without saying them. They think it's back to up only. They are in for a shock. The music stopped playing, and now they will be left with bags full of dog shit.

Welcome to zero


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