CVE price chart analysis on the 3Day time frame 2015-Current.

In line with my "Keep it simple stupid" philosophy, my trend analysis shows that when the 13 SMA crosses the 48 SMA, it is a notable occurrence, possibly indicating a change in trend upcoming. My buy or sell decision occurs when the red 48 SMA turns down (Bear) or up (Bull). This simple strategy shows me possible % gains if playing various long or short market equity instruments and entering/exiting the trade near or at these occurrences. Included is the 200 SMA line.

My method of trading this ticker is to buy or short 100% of my position at the 13/48 SMA crosses (with 48 pivoting up or down) This helps my probability of success and risk factor. Using this method and resulting in 8 trades short and long, I could possibly have made around 75% gain on the downside since 2015, and an additional approx. 400% gain on the long side since Jan. 2021 had I been selling at these level. Normally I would be still holding the position until a new 13/48 SMA cross down (so return would be less). The support line is included around $14/sh mark for interests sake, as price would most likely bounce around there for a bit imo.

I could also add other indicators such as custom buy sell signals and or MACD, RSI, SAR to assist my decision making but the trend based idea keeps me grounded in the trade.

I generally use Heikin-Ashi candles for simplicity/clarity and also remove the wicks.

None of this should be interpreted as financial advice, I am not a professional or certified financial adviser! all charts, and or analysis' are my personal opinions and observations only!