Excellent profit potential in DENTUSDT 4H ~fibo projection

Technical analysis regarding the price of DENT in relation of dollar Tether for the next scenarios, based on 4 hour movement.

The price is moving upwards, with strong movements, and is correcting after this sharp rise.
The maximum price of this cryptocurrency was $ .099 in 2018. It turns out that this crypto is awakening a new potential return for investors, is already at $ 0.035 and exponentially, growing in a healthy and organic way, with tops / bottoms rising without prices with scrupulous volatilities.

Tracing the retraction of Fibonacci I can obtain such price levels where you can look and, with fibo on a trend basis (purple) I can get corrections and how far the price can look in these movements.

*** In accordance with CVM Instruction No. 598, of May 3, 2018, Art. 21, I declare that the recommendations of this analysis reflect solely and exclusively my personal opinions and perceptions and that they were prepared independently and autonomously. Not being considered a purchase and/or sale recommendation. ***

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