A bear trap for $DOCU?

NASDAQ:DOCU   DocuSign, Inc
Zoom out on daily and weekly chart for $DOCU,
And we can see the congestion area, broken out to downside, which was quickly reversed by upside course! - Bear Trap!
Upside course hit above the earlier long trading range, and is dangling around the same range!
Well, it didn't reverse quickly enough on daily or hourly chart, but we're looking at weekly chart, given the long term period, the upside reversal was quick enough!

I think it makes sense to rather wait for certain signals.

Price hits:
1. 255 - soft confirmation to the downside reversal
2. 210 - strong confirmation to the downside reversal
3. 320 - strong confirmation to the long term bullish trend , perhaps a breakout after 330-340!

Looking at analyst ratings, company's performance, and with digitisation on fire everywhere, I'd be interested to be bullish!
But, I'd rather wait for confirmations using 3 ranges stated above!!!
Comment: It didn't hit the anticipated bull condition at 320, instead it continued to chop a bit, and suddenly flashed down!
Even though now the daily RSI is at 18.21,
be sure to checkout rounding top on daily chart, that appeared before the flash!
Comment: even the weekly chart reflects proper rounding top from Jun - Nov
Trade closed manually: Due to some concerning events in the markets as discussed and referenced in the links below, it seems non sense to say anything, or even get involved into some stocks.

It's rather better if I just close this trade here, and avoid any further comments on them.

It's better if you guys make yourself aware about the truth and reality behind this kind of mad movements using following links as some starting points.

Take care! Invest in something sober!