INDEX:DXY   U.S. Dollar Index
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In the shadow of earlier rate hike expectations, the dollar index             rose from 80 to 100 level after the shock fall once and rangebound at 90-100. September 18 monetary policy meeting the Fed chose to keep interest rates unchanged delay the rate hike, which makes the world's taut nerves of a sudden relax, and tend to be relatively optimistic mood, because the third quarter is the strongest quarter of the US economy, the Federal Reserve Here choose to give up, so more to worse in the fourth quarter economic data has been impossible to make December meeting to raise interest rates sufficiently reason, in other words, in 2015 there is no rate hike, which makes international funds have breathing space, enhance the market optimism, risk assets started preferences, gold             , crude oil             was higher.
Personally I think that the chances of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to zero in December
American history is the strongest economic data second and third quarters of each year, one in the fourth quarter were lower than expected, with the United States of seasonal weather-related, a US frozen arctic weather will, in the fourth quarter the economy. September is the best Fed rate hike timing delay the rate hike at this time, Deep Blue can not predict the Fed rate hike in December, because of poor economic data impossible to provide strong support for the hike.
According to statistics, the high valuation of the dollar severely affect US export price index, September import and export price index report is suggesting that US inflation