NASDAQ:EDIT   Editas Medicine, Inc
This one is a Sleeping giant! There is so much indications to go long on this bad boy. EDIT is a true sleeper but when it moves get ready to hit the gears on full throttle. We are seeing tons of accumulation on the TTM indicator it is only a matter of time before the squeeze goes into play. Earnings are right around the corner and good and clear divergence showing in the RSI . plus 9 SMA is getting ready to cross the 21 SMA . Clear bullish signs. 38 has a heavy flow of demand so price must close above 38. Ideally I want edit to close or break the green highlighted area i put in place. this will give me confidence that edit is getting ready to run. To be on the safe side I would get leaps for feb. 2022. just to give time for any shake outs. EDIT can be a manipulative stock seeing that it is part of the ARK investments. SL on this bad boy is below 33.85.