Today On Myth Buster - BBT Moving averages (Overlay)

Here is something, I have got for the BBT             indicator package (Rob Hoffman). Will Code the IRB             arrows / The Core and Fast Triggers some point of time.


Are you kidding me! $100 Monthly for all the Moving averages / 2 - Macd / 2 - Stochastics / 1 - RSI?

This is probably the best robbery idea. Thanks to the long video. It was easy to figure out the Moving averages.

SMA (3)
SMA (5)

EMA (18)
EMA (20)
EMA (35) - Old Version / KC(35,0.4, EMA ) - New Version

SMA (50)
SMA (89)
EMA (144)
SMA (200)

- wow, that a bunch of MAs.

BBT             Overlay Indicator Link
Rob Hoffman - Overlay Set

To Test these with his free videos on youtube, please use his stock charts. Futures data seems inconsistent between TS             and TV.
Buy the dip?
SPX, Buy the dip?
ucsgears PRO jangseohee
Watch out CL - could fire Short - Pre Fire Signals already did. Probability is for a move down. With Crude, the XLE will pulls the market. Unless, XLF, will compensate for this drop (highly unlikely)
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Loving your robbery series - and all your other work too.
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ChartArt Alphaoptions
Yes, great idea by UCSGears!

BTW: I would not be surprised if Rob faked his own indicator reviews on Tradestation:

"I have been a 15 year losing trader until I started using Rob Hoffman's indicators...", written by someone with the highly creative & exotic name "Charles Smith" :)
If there is a holy grail indicator, Then there would be an algorithm to take advantage of that. That's why system traders can have quick & big draw downs.
more down on crude, i also think like wise
CL1!, reaching for 38-39?
Before we try to reproduce it, are you planning to script this? It would not only be less effort but it would also allow us to keep up with any updates / changes you make to it.
ucsgears PRO Alphaoptions
Yes, scripting this is very simple. Unless Rob makes changes, I am not going to. After all its his indicator listed for a premium
Yes meaning you are going to post a script or yes we need to construct it ourselves from your description?
ucsgears PRO Alphaoptions
That will be quick, i can do it. Or you can do it as well. I don't mind.
It would be better if you do it and that way all who are following you already can keep following along as well as any changes you might make in the future. I know he does a lot with RSI combined with the MAs so if you ever add that it will be part of the indicator you make, and if not at least we will all have the same indicator and can follow along and possibly make suggestions. I know you are busy but when you have time it would be nice for us all to be on same page as you. Thanks again for all you do here!
Has there been any updates on this?
RobertJamesFirestone RobertJamesFirestone
nm no sooner that I posted this comment I found the link.
Rob Hoffman - Overlay Set
Thank you for this much appreciated!! I have been experimenting with different macd settings to come up with his "core" and "fast" momentum triggers - any luck what settings to use?
Any ideas what are the settings for Macd and Stochastics? Thanks!
The Stochastic used is (4,1,1). %K = 4, %D = 1, smoothing = 1
The RSI is a 21 period.

I've been testing out various settings for the Fast Trigger and Core Trigger, and these settings for the MACD Histogram seem to come very close:
Fast trigger = MACD Histogram (8,21,1597)
Core trigger = MACD Histogram (8,233,144)

Does anyone know what he uses for the triangles plotted on the top/bottom of the price bars?
He claims that it's based on a momentum shift.
ucsgears PRO greenzone
Inventory Retracement Bars. That's what the triangles are called. There is a momentum filter added by Rob. you can use your own filters.
greenzone ucsgears
The triangles aren't Inventory Retracement Bars.
Here's a fairly recent screenshot:
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Inventory Retracement Bars: As I recall, if price is sloping up and price closes in the top X% of the candle, then a potential buy situation. Likewise if it closes in the bottom X% and sloping downward, then a potential sell indication. Either case barring confirmation as well. His actual X% I do not recall. When near X=10, there are less noisy indications.

Here is an example when price closes in to top 10% or bottom 10%. No fancy code.
tradearcher PRO tradearcher
study(title="Trade Archer-Close Percentage-v1.1a", shorttitle="TA-CP-v1.1a", precision=0, overlay=false)
pct = input(10, minval=0, maxval=100, defval=45, type=float, title="percent")
fast = input(3, minval=2, defval=3, type=integer, title='Fast Length')
slopelength = input(2, minval=2, defval=2, type=integer, title='Minimum Slope Length')

loc = 100 * abs(close - low) / abs(high - low)
plot( loc, color=black, style=columns, linewidth=1, transp=80)
//bgcolor( loc < pct and falling(ema(close,fast),slopelength) ? red : loc >= 100-pct and rising(ema(close,fast),slopelength) ? green : na, transp=50)
bgcolor( loc < pct ? red : loc >= 100-pct ? green : na, transp=60)
greenzone tradearcher
The triangles definitely aren't Inventory Retracement Bars, and they also don't appear to be candles which close within 10% of the extremes.
Here's a recent screenshot of a chart with the arrows.
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As I have said "His actual X% I do not recall. When near X=10, there are less noisy indications." But after reviewing the link below and the explanation of how he determines them, he uses 45% for both open and close. I have written the closed piece.

But here is the proper link you should have sent in your retort instead.

Good luck.
worldmaster greenzone
Hi greenzone, Are you sure for settings about Core Trigger (Fast EMA = 8, Slow EMA = 233 MACD SMA = 144) ? For me it doesn't match !!!
For the fast triger it seems ok, but not for core trigger
Have you tested other settings for core trigger ?
greenzone worldmaster
I tested a bunch of different settings, and what I've given comes pretty close for the Core Trigger, although it's not exact.
If you find settings that match more closely, please post a followup reply here.

I'm pretty sure the settings for the Fast Trigger are correct, since the bars seems to line up perfectly.
worldmaster greenzone
greenzone, thanks for your quick answer. Yes, the settings for Fast Trigger (8,21) are good. For Core triger i think that settings like 24,52,9 better match the behaviour of Rob Core Trigger
greenzone worldmaster
I've just compared both your new suggested settings for the core trigger to what I had listed, using one of Rob Hoffman's latest free video updates (http://www.becomeabettertrader.com/a-perfect-trading-day-kick-off-to-2016/).
My settings for the core trigger are extremely close to what Rob Hoffman shows in his charts.
You'll notice that your suggested settings don't really match.
So keep trying, and see if you can come up with something which matches more closely than what I've already listed, which is MACDHistogram(21,55,1597).
cbezuid greenzone
Any new updates on this.?
ucs gears can u plz code by watching this youtube /watch?v=vxZlK6adXpI&index=61&list=PLBB7AA64DE3F6C23F#
how to use this rob hoffman's overlay indicator
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