ETC vs ETH: Classic Fails To Hold Value

BINANCE:ETCETH   Ethereum Classic / Ethereum
Something a little different here; with a direct comparison in the value propositions held by Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

ETHUSD is in a bullish rising channel , since March, and has recently broken it's key resistance:

ETCUSD started March as a bullish rally; however failed to continue through as ETHUSD and has retraced about 40% of it's positive movement:

Since the middle of March, ETC has lost about 40% of it's comparative value to it's big brother. If we zoom out to a longer timeframe, we can see that the ratio has returned to it's lowest point:

It is critical for the ETC supporters to bring in fresh capital to boost their value proposition, otherwise the ratio could drop to all new lows.

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