ETH AI Bot Purchase 13 May 21

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
13 May 2021. Price finally went down and the bot thinks that the close of 12 May 2021 is the bottom. Trade was executed at 3586. 40 during the open and the price was so much cheaper than closing (flash crash?). This is unusual but favourable.

Candlestick chart to show the spike during the opening.

Boxes show previous trades by the AI Bot.
Comment: 14 May 2021. Price continued to go down on 13 May. So bottom was not predicted correctly.
Comment: 15 Mat 2021. The bottom came a day late. :) But that usually happens. The machine learning model is not perfect but currently quite profitable. Still no sell signal.
Comment: 17 Mar 2021. Still holding.
Comment: 18 Mar 2021. Still holding. Seems to be not able to decide what to do in this volatile situation.
Comment: 19 Mar 2021. The market has been selling down strong for a couple of days already. The AI hasn't spotted a selling opportunity.
Trade closed: stop reached: 21 Mar 2021. Sold on the rally at 2796.65. This amounted to a 22% loss.