FX_IDC:EURAUD   Euro / Australian Dollar
As you can see, price on the daily is making higher highs and higher lows and a clear uptrend is present.

Right now a strong bullish pin bar is forming at the key new support level (1.47320), signifying that a bullish up move is on the cards.

I personally am going to enter on a 38% retrace of the pin bar , and place my stop loss just below; Hoping to achieve a 1:2 ratio.

Lets see how it goes!
Comment: Query here

I placed my buy limit order at 1.4773 (At 38% retrace of the pin bar); Price actually went down to the 1.47721 but for some strange reason my order was not filled...

Really confused; Anybody know what might've happened?

Annoying as I would've managed to make 60 pips;
Comment: Okay so clearly I didn't understand bid/ask prices properly. Makes sense now. Silly of me!