EURJPY 21 JULY 2021 (using off hours to project forward)

OANDA:EURJPY   Euro / Japanese Yen
In this example I am using a session indicator. For those who do not know what that is, its basically a way to divide the day iinto quadrants based on the market that is open (NY, LONDON, ASIA). What I did here was de-activated the NY and LONDON session and only left the Asia/off hours quadrant illuminated. What this does it forces you to ficus on this extremely critical area.For one its not optimal to trade during this period. Price is just floating around during this time. There can be some opportunities but only if teh volume really picks up. Otherwise its smart not to enter in this area.

But this area is also important because its a massive clue on what may follow once London opens. The fact that the volume is so low during this time helps us see the markets clearest path.

Notice the difference in volume between the circled areas (demand) and the red boxes (supply). notice how easily price is able to rip through this very low volume zone.

This is a very significant advantage if you can see the holes here. Price IS going to be drawn towards the path of least resistance.

Now there are other factors that you need to consider as well. Other criteria. There are specific target areas.

If you follow my work you have seen it all before.

This is a VSA /Supply&demand/Wyckoff technique. Very powerful for intraday trading is learned correctly.

Volume leads the way.