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I am currently recording a Video Tutorial Series on PineScript...Creating Custom Indicators.


Each Video will be 10 Minutes in Length, Covering a Specific Topic.

I will Start By Taking A Common Indicator Like the MACD and Starting From The Very Basics, Then Adding In All Customizable Options.

Topics Include:
- The Basics You Need To Know.
- Available Reference Materials.
- Creating Custom Colors Based On Conditions.
- Changing Bar Colors Based On Conditions.
- Using Multi-TimeFrames.
- And More...

We Will Have Guest Appearances From Some Of The Top Coders On TradingView Showing Advanced             Techniques!!!

We Will Also Cover Other Types Of Indicators!!!


Hi, I wanted to know if its possible to build an indicator/tool you can put an overlay to your candles or bars.
This would be a sequence count. Lets say from the lowest low of a down trend.
It would label this candle with a small (1). If the following bar has a higher high and low, this would be (2) and so forth. (These labelled numbers going up in value and be of a particular colour, lets say yellow for this example). Then as soon as there is a lower high, and a lower low, this would reset the numbers and the correction would start again with (1) and following if it created lower highs and lows. These could be coloured Blue
Inside bars and outside bars would take on the number of the previous sequence.
Example: Candle 1 2 and 3 have higher highs and lows so labelled 1,2,3. Candle 4 is an inside bar, this is label 4. candle 4 is an outside bar, this is labelled 5. candle 6 is a lower high and lower low so this is now labelled (1). of the new trend.

If this can be done please let me know what i must do to make it happen. Kind regards
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How can we build an index with pine script (for more than 10 stocks please)?
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I have a question, I want to make a custom indicator on a already built-in indicator. Is it possible?
Hi Chris
I am new at this programming, and my last programming hour was something lige 20 years ago, but I am trying. ;-)
I am trying to make a indicator that combine several indicatores, and it all worked well until I tryed to put ADX and DI into it. Now it don't accept my literals in the ADX and DI section, and >I can't understand why. I have marked the problem with /////PROBLEM///// in the schript behind, but it ids not only line 61, it is also the 7 next literals in the next 7 lines.
Can anybody help me


study(title="Moneymaker", shorttitle="MoMa", precision=0)

DEMA_length2 = input(26, minval=1)
dema_src2_1 = input(close, title="DEMA 2 Source")
dema_e2_1 = ema(dema_src2_1, DEMA_length2)
dema_e2_2 = ema(dema_e2_1, DEMA_length2)
dema2 = 2 * dema_e2_1 - dema_e2_2
//plot(dema2, color=blue)

DEMA_length3 = input(50, minval=1)
dema_src3_1 = input(close, title="DEMA 3 Source")
dema_e3_1 = ema(dema_src3_1, DEMA_length3)
dema_e3_2 = ema(dema_e3_1, DEMA_length3)
dema3 = 2 * dema_e3_1 - dema_e3_2
//plot(dema3, color=black)

dema = dema3 < dema2 ? 1 : 0//Sætter variablen til 1 hvis dema3 krydser under dema2

showMA = input(true)
barColorsOnPrevClose = input(title="Color bars based on previous close", type=bool, defval=false)//
vol_Open = barColorsOnPrevClose ? close > close ? 0 : 1 : open > close ? 0 : 1 // sætte volume barcode til 1 hvis grøn, eller rød
vol_Spike = volume > sma(volume,20) ? 1 : 0 // Sætte volume barcode til 1 hvis højere end de sidste 20 sma, ellers 0
vol = vol_Spike == 1 and vol_Open == 1 ? 1 : 0 // sætter variabel til 1 hvis både vol_Open og vol_Spike er opfyldt

MACDfast = 12, MACDslow = 26
fastMACD = ema(close, MACDfast)
slowMACD = ema(close, MACDslow)
MACD = fastMACD-slowMACD
MACDs = sma(MACD, 9)
//plot(MACD, color=blue)
//plot(MACDs, color=orange)
macd = MACDs < MACD ? 1 : 0

length = input(title="Length", type=integer, defval=10, minval=1, maxval=2000)
src = hlc3
upper = sum(volume * (change(src) <= 0 ? 0 : src), length)
lower = sum(volume * (change(src) >= 0 ? 0 : src), length)
mf = rsi(upper, lower)
//plot(mf, color=#459915)
//overbought=hline(80, title="Overbought", color=#c0c0c0)
//oversold=hline(20, title="Oversold", color=#c0c0c0)
//fill(overbought, oversold, color=#9915ff, transp=90)
mfi = mf > 80 ? 1 : 0

//ADX and DI
len = input(title="Length", type=integer, defval=14)
th = input(title="threshold", type=integer, defval=20)

TrueRange = max(max(high-low, abs(high-nz(close))), abs(low-nz(close)))
DirectionalMovementPlus = high-nz(high) > nz(low)-low ? max(high-nz(high), 0): 0
DirectionalMovementMinus = nz(low)-low > high-nz(high) ? max(nz(low)-low, 0): 0

SmoothedTrueRange = nz(SmoothedTrueRange) - (nz(SmoothedTrueRange)/len) + TrueRange
//SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus)/len) + DirectionalMovementPlus
//SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus)/len) + DirectionalMovementMinus

//DIPlus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
//DIMinus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
//DX = abs(DIPlus-DIMinus) / (DIPlus+DIMinus)*100
//ADX = sma(DX, len)

//plot(DIPlus, color=green, title="DI+")
//plot(DIMinus, color=red, title="DI-")
//plot(ADX, color=black, title="ADX")
//hline(th, color=black, linestyle=dashed)

// Setup
MoMa = dema == 1 and vol == 1 and macd == 1 and mfi == 1 ? 1 : 0

//vol_Spike_and_vol_Open_and_dema3_under_dema2 = vol_Spike_and_vol_Open == 1 and dema3_under_dema2 == 1 ? 1 : 0
//vol_Spike_and_vol_Open_and_dema3__under_dema2_and_MACDs_under_MACD = vol_Spike_and_vol_Open_and_dema3_under_dema2 == 1 and MACDsignal < macd ? 1 :0

//plot(vol_Spike_and_vol_Open, color = yellow, style=columns, title="Volume open")
//plot(dema_Cross, color = red, style=columns, title="Dema cross")
//plot(vol_Spike_and_vol_Open_and_dema3_under_dema2, color = red, style=columns, title="Dema cross")
plot(MoMa, color = red, style=columns, title="Dema cross")

I would like to edit the zigzag indicator
to draw Aline when a finish wave from the zigzag is finished
it will help to draw the supp and res levels for each end of a wave for the zigzag .

Can you please help me out, I'm trying to do a conditional format of the chart background colour when Stoch is above 80 for example. I'm completely new to pine editor

Hello Cris

This one might be easy for you but I am struggling to find the answer.

All I want to know is how to set an alarm if two indicators meet the right standards(?) or set an indicator as the "Rob Rsi Stoch MACD Combo Alert" indicator.

In this case I want the "CM_RSI-2 Strategy Lower Indicator" crossing the 80 or 90 line and the RSI(5) lower than 60,, if that happens an alert would be off or a red(or green) bar would appear the same way as the "Rob Rsi Stoch MACD Combo Alert" as I mentioned.

It must be very simple for you but if your time is not worth it to explain. Could you tell me where to start from please?

Kind Regards,
Keep your awsome Work ;)
Thank you

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Hi Chris

Your posts have been a great source of help for me to develop something of my own using Pine Script. There is one query I have for you. I want to show pivot - support - resistance lines in my custom code only for the current day / session or from a certain number of days before the current day. Standard Pivot Point code in TV library has this feature. But am unable to find a function or set of functions that will enable me to do this. Would be grateful if you can let me know how to do this ?

I am new to pinescript and am trying to figure out a simple strategy/alert that would signal an alert if the weekly %k stoch was greater than the previous weeks close AND the daily %K stoch is greater than the previous days close. Is this doable? Thanks
Hi Chris, not sure if this thread is still being used, but thought I would ask anyway as you seem to be 'the man'. I am having difficulty creating alerts. When my criteria is met, I plot a BUY arrow, and want an alert to occur at the point of the arrow being displayed. I am able to add the alert and condition to some of the currency pairs, but not on some others, because my script does not appear in the 'condition' list of the alert creation screen. My code for the alert is :

alertcondition(Trend == 1 and Trend == -1, "BUY", "BUY")
plotarrow(Trend == 1 and Trend == -1? Trend : na, title="Up Entry Arrow", colorup=green, maxheight=1000, minheight=50, transp=40)
alertcondition(Trend == -1 and Trend == 1, "SELL", "SELL")
plotarrow(Trend == -1 and Trend == 1 ? Trend : na, title="Down Entry Arrow", colordown=red, maxheight=1000, minheight=50, transp=40)

Any help very much appreciated.
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