Short opportunity with clear R/R

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
- Market pushed all the way up to the 2 standard deviation channel drawn on this chart.
- We have a descending trendline that could act as resistance at around 1.3010.
- We have previous swing high at 1.3022 that could cap the upside potential.

Target: for the trade is the median line from the 2 SD deviation channel, and the bottom of it.
Stop: If market can get above 1.3022, and worst close above it, just run for the hills as this could spark an end of year very bullish move.

As always, have fun and don't bet the farm.
Trading success is not going to be entering winning trades, but how you exit your losing trades.


Closing this trade at 1.2901 - This market is too short for my taste, and 4H time frame is having a buying signal just before month end, I don't want to get wrong footed to start December. Made 95 pips out of this trade.