Rising Wedge Strategy EUR/USD 134 pip move

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Setup : Sell only if price break out from the bottom of the wedge .. 134 pip move
This rising wedge also looks like an ascending triangle .

Video tips on rising wedges and setting profit target and stop outs http://www.informedtrades.com/3355-falli...

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Update: Price has broken out of the rising wedge and may go to 1.2856 area before another wedge or geometry from may form.....That rising wedge went long though before it broke out almost like a pinnacle you see on top of churches...
some were saying that there is a double top.. true double tops or double bottoms are only found when a a new major trend is forming all other looking like double tops or bottoms are only price retesting of a wedge etc
The rising wedge has increaed in size and is still a rising wedge Stop out is moved up to account for the rising wedge
Here is a forcast for the EUR/USD about the Head and Shoulders and 4 hour TF and were its going http://www.forexstreet.net/profiles/blogs/eur-usd-complete-analysis-29-november-2012?xg_source=activity
Rising wedge break out has happened ..134 pip target