Heisenberg Uncertainty Chart

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A simple charting strategy. Keep an eye on TRIX 5 crossovers, when TRIX 3 crosses TRIX 10, and when SMII crosses SMIO. Like trading nude, with a ghostly pulse on the asset.
Since having a peek at this chart the other day I've become obsessed with renaming arcane trading systems with the names of arcane process', principles, and the uber-geeks who love them. Esp. the uber-geeks who love them. A more useful expenditure of my time I simply cannot imagine. Bravo Mr. McClure, bravo. PS, Which trade system-type do you think might best utilize particle physics as a source for my new and improved nomenclature? OK... I'm going to stop while I'm still ... only this much behind ... How 'much' you ask? Glas you did, for you see if we take N to mean....ok, ok. PS, 'geek', is no longer a pejorative. Indeed it is an entry requirement for every university in the english=speaking world with, 'institute' in it's name.
AmsterdamWhale AmsterdamWhale
it appears I have gone mad.
Excellent chart indication for 30 min to 1 hr time frames. Very pleased with the results so far.
BenefactorX QuantitativeExhaustion
Thanks, JR. I appreciate it! Yes, it gets fuzzy for some timeframes, and is tight for others (1min). I dislike adding too much, but adding DMI is helping me zone in on entry points even more (so far - still testing).