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AIL has reached to the 4th target where price has now encountered the present AIS. AIL is still in play as of the time of this update and we have identified the 5th target.

AIS and VAIS(frontrun by a few pips) are being reacted to and we have the targets for these entries identified on the chart.
VAIL and targets identified on chart.

This chart is another good example that demonstrates the concept of multiple trades taking place within the context of larger time-frame trades. Market "noise" is relative to which time-frame you are trading.

Clients were alerted to all the entries and targets along with their respective time analysis not shown on chart, some of which are still in progress.


300+ pip profit as the AIL 5th target is reached and reacted to which was first identified on this chart /www.. More recent intraday long(not shown on chart but identified for our clients on 11/27) from the 1.288 level has now had a profit of almost 200 pips. Refer back to our other eurusd charts to identify which trades are still being reacted to. We'll try to update chart soon.
55 pip profit on last retest of VAIS. 50 pip profit on the bounce back to another retest. 5 tests of this price level. Each test of the level increases the likelihood of failure on the pertinent time-frame.

Intraday traders are profiting nicely from intraday alerts that pinpoint the very aggressive trade setups for nimble daytraders and scalpers.
150 pip profit on intraday long(not shown on chart). VAIS and AIS still holding but reaction at retest smaller each time. At price level where any news will likely have immediate reaction. VAIL 2nd reached within 15 pips so far. AIL 5th from chart still a target.
50 pip profit on retest of VAIS. 120 pip profit on intraday long(not shown on chart).
350 pip profit for the AIL identified on this chart .
VAIS 1st and 2nd targets reached for a profit of about 120 pips and the AIS came within about 20 pips of the 1st target.

An intraday long(not shown on chart) has been reacted to and has reached it's first 2 targets for a profit of about 110 pips. VAIL had a small bounce but has failed. AIS being retested for 3rd time.

By referring back to that chart and clicking on the load new bars button to advance the chart, it is plain that the buyers of the AIL are still very much in control of the price action on the 60 min time-frame. Always necessary to know how much the trade has progressed.
90 pip profit VAIS 1st target reached.10 pips away from VAIS 2nd. 30 pips from AIS 1st.
30 pip VAIL 1st target reached before chart was posted, front ran by a few pips. Immediate reaction to intraday scalp entry(not shown on chart). Note the multiple attempts to breach AIS on the 15 min chart.