Everything boring and sideways. Watch the trendlines.

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Anything I look at, FX, metals, commodities , crypto, is not moving much or I am blind. Bitcoin in particular is the least volatile it has been in years.
Some pairs are trending a little, nothing too crazy. Nothing sufficient for any of my top strategies (in other words the ones that work) to provide me with any opportunity.
I think we need to retest this trendline before anything happens.

If I were to scalp (I probably won't) on any of these 2 trendlines I would only when 1HR 15 minutes and 5 minutes are all 3 overbought.

Hopefully we do not spend too much time around the 1rst one, it just slows down the whole financial world.
If we go up there is the seond one, could bring some boringness again...

The good thing is while nothing is moving ETH shorts are piling up. Giving us more fuel for a short squeeze :)
(I reduced my ETH position size anyway)
Oh and when it pumps super hard, it could be a nice and high entry to short we will see.
Comment: It is not that bad, I got a few alerts, and I -finally- took my first trade of the week.
And I think this one is really good could give me a big winner I am going to hold on for 3-4 hours probably, I am in for the long term!
What an awesome way to start the week if it goes where I predict it too.

Comment: Going up, higher low.
Look at that beautiful pin bar :D

Price will probably retrace at next resistance but I don't care I think it will go up further here.

Don't worry I won't spam updates about every little scalp :p
I am just emotionally attached to this trade.

Comment: Clean rejection on EURUSD...
Ofc I lost my bet on USDNOK. But I am done trying new strategies... Bah who am I kidding.
Geez I have been ignoring a highly profitable AWESOME strategy for weeks lol, I have been more interested in doing research than profit lately.
They said do not look for the holy graal. I did not listen.
And now I do not have 1 but 2 holy Grails. I just feel so good about it...
I also developped a whole bunch of cool scripts (not sharing sorry...)

Look, the more strategies you got not only the more signals you will get and the more picky you can be, but if one somehow stops working you are not screwed.
Not sharing my strategies btw... If I reach ten maybe I'll share one, the less awesome one.

Trendlines... I should look into this... Maybe this shall be my next strategy...
I can just let bots work for me on the other two (I still check the chart & take the trades manually) and spend time looking for a new strat.

Seriously trendlines look very promising. I am sure I can find factors that when put together with trendlines produce a very high winrate and RR. Even if I get 2 trades a month I like it, it would be 2 free money trades ON TOP of my other activities.

I must say trading view is pretty awesome with all the possibilities they give for automation.