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EURUSD             is about to complete the Correction near 1.0900 like emoticon
A Fresh decline drop coming for the Next levels target 1.0720-1.0770.
We are Now inside a Gaint leading diagonal or in a Gaint wave 4 triangle corrections which is still a unfolding clearing and time will tell but at the moment what we are seeing , that we are executing.
We think our invalidations still lies at 1.1020 and We will not like a rally to go above 1.0990 again which disturb us totally.
What we look is the drop now quick in the minor leg wave y inside wave E last leg of diagonal which will ideally completing near 1.0700 or near 1.0770 and then a last upsdie print in the shape of correction a.b.c will be the wave 2 will be final last upside near 1.0030 then Collapse.
Its soon or later but the matter of time when we will see sharp moves towards our target 1.0300.
Trading recommendations :
We will short right now 1.0889 stop loss we will place 1.0990 target will be 1.0770 and even 1.0720