FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
same thing with eurusd but if you seen my previous charts i had long from friday at 1.3170 and thaks to the gap we saw today i had to close 1/2 of that trade and adjusted my risk to -30pips. Then price dropped to almost the same price (1.3180) and since i was already free, i opened another long with reduced size, and all positions have stop loss of 1.3170 now, and with my 30pip gain at market open, all positions are free on eurusd .i might close this trade and leave only the one from friday. long story long im long and will buy as long as we are above 1.3000. happy trading.

PS: trade closed at 13300 i would keep it if not for the fear of elections. turns out i was right to be afraid.