Facebook Trade Setup

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I have to be completely honest to all viewers, I am a a young trader lacking wisdom. That being said, the equity markets are in a state of much indecision. Based on my view, all longterm technicals point to further down. I also honestly am a believer that markets are generally efficient (with exceptions of course), therefore I really don't pay too much attention to the fundamentals of assets I trade. However, my humble opinion is that Facebook             falls into a trendy category that relies on retaining its participants. I personally do not participate in any sort of social media, but its evidently clear too me that social media users are always on to the next popular social media outlet trending. In conclusion, from a very broad perspective Facebook             is completely overvalued at the moment. If the market as a whole continues down (which i think it will), Facebook             will fall harder and faster in comparison to the overall market. Facebook             options are also cheaper than the spy             .
Well written.
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Thank you!