Coming off of correction - Looking to the upside.

NASDAQ:FCEL   FuelCell Energy, Inc
This corrected back to between the Fibonacci .5 and .618 level, which using the Fibonacci extensions, means that the next price target is ~1.618 (~$58).

Gook luck!
I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not offering financial advice. Everyone should do their own homework before making any decisions!

Good luck and I'm always interested in what you think.


Excellent work !
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total agree, thx!
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I know it's hard to put a time frame on stuff. I'm in the long haul, I believe this stock closes over 50 bucks by the end of the year.
dzygadlo Adam458
@Adam458, I agree - this stock has been running up since October and I suspect the next leg will take a few months to get through. So I'm hopeful that by summer we could see this next level.
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