NASDAQ:FIZZ   National Beverage Corp
Something's up with this one and I'm suspecting it's about to start a legit uptrend. It's pulling back to test MAs from above, plus the rounded bottom is helpful.
Intuitively, last week in meditation I got the word, "suds". I looked for a ticker and found none.
That night my husband insisted on putting on a show about bubbles (that he had already watched before). I didn't tell him about the word suds I had received until after he put it on.
But, it didn't end there because when I let my pendulum pick a stock out of huge list, what did it pick?? FIZZ. Then, I got the lightbulb moment and checked into it.
I had today as a day to buy it and my dowsing is suggesting an uptrend and I get 42+/- days for this trend. This is a longer window and I'm not practiced much on these, so we'll just have to see. I'll post a target when I get one, otherwise I think it's just time-based.
Comment: Lying in bed thinking about this one and how wrong it was... then, I wondered, "was it about the market popping?" As in, it's real frothy and don't expect much upside? I think that might be it as the indexes enter what appears to be a correction.