GAIA: Long on uptrend

OZLA Updated   
NASDAQ:GAIA   Gaia, Inc.
I use Tradingview to record my trades to test my analysis.
For notes only. This is not recommendation.

ADX increasing slope
DI>DI- increasing
MACD above centerline
2/27 stock plumet with earning release but with MACD Histo in + showing bull divergence

- Late entry. Entry post value zone and @ +ATR(3)
However with trending indicators, I believe the stock still have more to go in upside.

- Royal subscribers
- Superb technology. Streaming experience better than Netflix. Robust viewer community.
- Streaming and mobile capabilities A+
- People will continue to watch more contents on Internet. Viewership will continue to increase. Most of stocks in this sector are trading at price not able to justify except for GAIA.
- Potential candidate for media takeover
- I personally like it's programs and contents. Rare place to find positive & inspirational programming
Took profit at 15.95 but entered back in at 16 when technical indicator showed no easing of strength.
Trade closed: target reached:
Position closed at 16.70.
Exit reason: To keep number of holdings to less than 5 positions.
- Technical indicators are still solid; although, trending indicators are laggard or incidental. Consensus target @ 20.
- Although I like GAIA, the revenue is 100% based on viewer subscription only. I felt there is more upside in other names I had invested in today.

- Keep the position small so that I don't panic to sell as I learn to become a better trader.
- Patience and trust technical analysis. The chart clearly told me the uptrend. However, because stock has moved quickly to upside, I had sold too early. Recognized the mistake and bought back in...
- I do like the management and GAIA programs. However I was not as convinced on growth as GAIA's revenue is 100% dependent on subscription. No proprietary technology. But again, if I'm solely trading on technical analysis alone, those should not matter too much... This position was difficult to hold as there was a gap between fundamental (negative EPS etc) vs great chart.