FX:GBPJPY   British Pound / Japanese Yen
Good morrning Guys,

My views on the market for the next few days are as follows:

If the last high which is on a support line holds my new diagonal line is AB and CB for the bottom line linking the highs and the lows. The market should be short for the day until the bottom line is touched and the market will then go long until 143.947. After 143.947 it could continue long or move downwards for a correction.

my trades for the day:
1. Sell at market value and tp at 139.888
2. After touching the diagonal line and not opening a new candle below 139.888 or the diagonal line CB it will go up and I will place a buy with target of 143.947 in mind.
2.1 there will be resistance and i will play with that in mind to take profit bit by bit until i reach the tp of 143.947

please stay safe and remember this is just my view and no signal or advice.
Comment: Apologies the target is 140.650 for the point one and not 139.888
Comment: Point 1 target has been reached. i took profit and looking at starting the bull run, there are news in the next hour or so and it could move the market further down , but I believe that the market will be moving up from this point.

When the next candle open i will place a buy and take profit will be : 141.489 and then i will also look at reaching 142.000. After reaching 142.00 i will review my new targets
Comment: Target 1 reached, next expectation is to reach 142.000, but we all know the market do not move in a straight line.

be aware of any corrections
Trade closed: target reached: Target 2 has been reached. I will create a new idea during the course of the week. but believe that the current idea and directions are applicable.

happy trading