Never forget the past / What's the next black Swan ?

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Always good to look back in time.
remember this :
Tiscali – Important Italian telecommunications company whose share price grew from €46 (IPO in November 1999) to €1,197 in four months. They fell to €40 afterwards in less than two months and have continued plummeting to well under 0.2 euro .[
Think Tools AG – One of the most extreme symptoms of the bubble in Europe: market valuation of CHF 2.5 billion in March 2000, no prospects of having a substantial product (investor deception), followed by a collapse
InfoSpace – In March 2000 this stock reached a price $1,305 per share, but by April 2001 the price had crashed down to $22 a share.
The only thing you have to do is maybe replace Tiscali by Snapchat and Tinktools by Uber :)
Everytime the RSI is overbrought in the monthly , There will be a correction that year.
So it's just waiting now , who turn the fire on the wick :)