Big move ahead in Gold

BATS:GLD   SPDR Gold Trust
Looking at the daily chart , there has been a clear range that gold has been trading in since the fall. Gold is now at a point where it has to decide to be bullish or bearish . This is a tough call, but I am slight bearish on this move just for the sole reason that i continue to see lower highs being made in the indicators to confirm the downtrend. But still this is a coin flip IMO. Open to others' interpretations.


one could also draw a trendline from the top of the RSI, along the highs and then one would find the RSI line has broken to the upside and has bounced off the trendline recently... see what I mean? also OBV could be 'basing'? the big bull move is still up, but agree - a coin flip - could see a flush out to the downside? we'll know soon enough i reckon!