BATS:GLD   SPDR Gold Trust
A possible count - don't pay attention to the targets i have set, it's more the thought pattern. Re targets there are several one could point to and that I have read about. IMHO, anything from $2000 upwards. I would say $2000 is a min target though when looking longer term.

Also supportive of this count are the candlesticks on this 2 down - the wicks at the lower end seem to be signalling it's a laboured decline with buyers stepping in. When I've seen this before it usually results in an up move (usually, not always!) Also it hit 61.8% and bounced nicely shorter term.

However, we could still be in consolidation IV I guess, so like everyone is saying, a move above $1800 in the spot market would help clarify things.

Anyway, one never knows with these counts - it's just a thought... there are certainly bearish counts out there one needs to be aware of!