NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
Selling Gamestop. down down we go.
2% account risk.
Comment: Stops moved to most recent high. 197.17


Hahaha you are shorting the bottom bro
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Tcapitall HodlCrypot
@HodlCrypot, I am confused as to why you would think this is the bottom?
@Tcapitall hidden bullish divergence for months now on rsi ready to make this baby pop up
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@Tcapitall Daily Macd about to cross
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@Tcapitall EW counting impulsive wave followed by a 3 wave down count
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@Tcapitall Candle gap at around 285 ready to be filled
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Tcapitall HodlCrypot
@HodlCrypot, I'm short, no idea why you would be long this market. Good luck :)
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@Tcapitall Thanks, I'm long balls deep, good luck to you too
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I dont follow your thought process. Gme went from US400 to US 40 and then up to US300. The trading in the stock was halted a number of times in the 1st quarter of this year. Its so obvious that the stock is being manipulated and its a case of when not if the hedge Funds cover their shorts
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Tcapitall FFG2501
@FFG2501, lol