Here's a composite chart of the stocks GME is corelated with as of 26 July. I've built a composite chart of the likely composition of the swap basket. It's close enough to the real thing.

Yes GME's been bundled with a bunch of Aluminium mineral companies, computer hardware, MBS and real estate holding companies and surely... Xerox.

You should expect that our price will move on this chart's average price which is the whole point of having a basket of such diverse stocks. But yeah... i don't like that GME's been put in a basket with a Mortgage Holdings company and Minerals...

Here's the companies and why they've been picked to be put in a swaps equities basket with GME:

XRX - 25 Jul Earnings (Earnings Pumped 11%, gave it all back ~7 days later)
COOP - 26 Jul Earnings (Earnings pumped 12%, still up there)
BXMT - 26 Jul Earnings (BXMT, pumped 6.96% gave it all back ~7 days later)
CSTM - 26 Jul Earnings (Earnings pumped 10.6%, gave half back ~7 days later)
AFL - 1 Aug Earnings (Earnings pumped 7.4%, still up there)
FCPT - 1 Aug Earnings (Earnings dumped -4%, still down)
ATI - 2 Aug Earnings (Earnings dumped -7.4%, still down)
SO - 3 Aug Earnings (On it's way downwards)
BR - 8 Aug Earnings (Neutral)
GME - 6 Sept Earnings (On it's way downwards)

As you see, these have chained earnings. They did this 4 months ago by putting GME in the same basket as AG and BROS, 2 completely random compnies in different sectors. I think the reason is that each basket needs a spreads gainer & a vol stock or two.


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