Here's my thoughts on short $GOOG long $AAPL

BATS:GOOG   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class C
Part 1 (posted Sunday.)


AAPL rallied 10% from its lowest close, so it may be a tad overbought after being very oversold when it was under $450. However, a correction of the recent rally is likely to set up another nice entry on the long side for AAPL. Perhaps around $470-$460. I like being short GOOG against longs in AMZN, AAPL and TGT and even good old WMT from time to time also. Either way, I thought I would give some encouragement to the chart-maker on this work and say that I agree.
I like your chart and notations. I posted GOOG versus TGT about 10 days ago here at TradingView. They have quite a correlation. It is always nice to see fellow "pairs traders". Good work and good luck. Tim