$GPRO breaking, target : $50

$GPRO is breaking up of the falling wedge .
Expect a target around $50 before seing some correction to retest the bullish trendline


lol, I was about to post a GPRO chart and noticed you had one up already...

I think it is not yet ready to breakup. Prob a 41.3 touch first?

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tradearcher LazyBear
Resistance around 45 and ema50 just above it. Not to mention the recent selling pressure on the way up to 44. MACD(9,19,9) has been thin due to the recent long move and could easily turn over and head back to previous pivot low 37ish.
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This will be the trade of the year later this year. GPRO will eventually BO to 70+, it's just not time yet.
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jangseohee QuantitativeExhaustion
JR, back to its peak ^_^
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G13Man tradearcher
nice channel & nice to see u post
G13Man G13Man
my comment & chart below
Thanks. Here is the full chart with my TA-SEMA (experiemental) indicator; bearish is no background color and bullish is a lime green color.
tradearcher tradearcher
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G13Man tradearcher

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Bear Flags-pink, ,blue brush =about the same time lengths , ,blue arrows= previous gaps/support/resistance , , 1st down trend blue line back in play? down trend would be the bigger pay-off , but not confirmed yet
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G13Man tradearcher
we need an Elliot wave person to comment now , lol
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