Will GIFTO visit the dark side of the moon ?

BINANCE:GTOUSD   Gifto / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
GTO had the biggest volume candle 3 weeks ago since it's inception.... Have not none a proper analysis on this yet , must get some sleep . I have allocated a small percentage of my portfolio. Shall have a look tomorrow or maybe someone has some technicals on this potential money printer ...... WOW... Stocks are dead , surely Warren Buffet has FOMO'd in by now ?. Hey Warren , how's that ROE going on "rat poison" ? ,
Comment: Ahhh , It says on their website " Send virtual gifts and cryptocurrencies to anyone with just a link " .... Now if they have a cosy relationship with the line app this could really catch on and warp speed . Why do I think that ?... Well I've been to Japan 5 times now and they love this stuff and they are a people loyal and long term to quirky anamae stuff .. That folks is probably as deep as i'll go on fundamentals all year : 0 ))) hahahaha
Comment: I tell a lie, it's ONLY a 4,550 ROE , forget it Warren ; ))
Comment: Entered on Coinspot exchange . will update next few days .
Comment: Still in this trade . I'm hoping to hit that target we set end of April or there abouts. Volume is up 30%.... patience is the key.
Comment: Bulls are stampeding... currently a slight rest for Alt coin bulls. Looking to go AWOL once things heat up. Not to sure yet if this will be faddish/Kish/trendy or adopted and loved by the majority of people who use this to create blockchain communities to use it as a collectables and crypto rewards for fans from their official social media accounts. ... I would say more popular in countries like South Korea, Japan if it takes off on line.
Comment: 2 billion and 1.8 Billion weekly volume candles. Now a slight correction. Let's wait and see how volatility pans out across the board with alts and the big two as confident bulls come back into the market.
Comment: Hold your fire. Don't be shaken out. We are looking at a huge profit if and when this grows wings. If you got in at 0.07 Cents, you would have doubled your profits and are now using the houses' money. Look for another opportunity to buy when Bull volume comes back in to play.


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