BATS:HOG   Harley-Davidson, Inc
Looking for a scalp here. Will earnings coming up, this is a risky setup.


Pretty sure this is also a bulls eye.
Firs of all - thank you for sharing your ideas and adding value. We are experimenting a lot with the site, trying to find the most effective method for determining Bullseye charts. Currently all Bullseye charts are moderated manually, and this approach is not perfect, so don’t take it personally. In the near future we’ll be introducing an automatic way to determining Bullseye, for which you’ll need to specify entry time and levels, profit and stop losses.

Regarding this specific idea, we can’t agree that it’s a Bullseye. According to your description, you were expecting that targets will be filled after Earnings were announced. However, prior to Earnings the price barely touched the T1 level and then crashed by almost 10%. This, in spirit, is complete opposite of what you were expecting. I’d like to mention one more time that Bullseye charts are currently moderated by a person, which may lead to inaccuracies at times.
T1 reached.