Long Position INTEST

AMEX:INTT   inTest Corporation
I entered Long at at an average of $7.35. I plan on adding more if this dips further.
I worked in this industry for 12 years and know this company very well. They are strong and growth potential is huge for them. They are continuing to look for more acquisitions - they just closed one recently.
P/E is 12-13 trailing which I feel is inexpensive
The 20 Day is staying above the 55 at the moment, which is good, if it crosses expect a dip and I will be buying more.

If you like to trade... this stock is pretty volatile...moving 2-3%+ almost daily. If you can time it right, you could make a lot of money trading this.

I hold long term positions for 1+ years and re-evaluate actively.
Happy Investing!
Trade active: Still long here.

Support is at $6.75. If we close below support I may take off half of my position because I think it goes lower.

However, I am expecting a bounce in a bullish direction in the immediate future.

The 20 day is crossing the 50 day leaning us towards a bearish signal.

Current price is right at the trend line drawn.

May be an opportunity to trade this as it has dropped 7-10% in just 2 days.
Comment: We are holding support here pretty well after a negative 5 days in a row.
Not getting the bounce off of support I was hoping for.
Trade active:
Comment: Bouncing off of the trend line really nice over the last month.

EMA 20 appears to be crossing over the 50 when looking at the 30 minute time frame.

Not too late to get in to this one!
EMA 20 still looking bullish. Looking to extend beyond the gap fill pictured and then we will see another pull back.
Trade active: I closed some of my position on this one... but I am still in it long term.

Looking for a pullback so I can come back in again.