Expect easy profits on 65% of IOST/BTC

Hi, guys,

IOST is scheduled for airdrop(DonnieFinance coin) on February 25.

IOST is likely to continue to rise on the basis of the airdrop until the 25th.

FYI, DonnieFinance is listed on the Coinone exchange.

Thanks, good luck with this prediction.
Comment: IOST is heading toward the target after the rebound :)
Comment: I believe in the IOST's fundamentals.

Let's move on to the high !
Comment: We can do it !
Comment: Notice on Donnie Token(DON) airdrop for IOST Network(IOST) holders

Dear Upbit Users,

Donnie Token(DON) airdrops will be supported for IOST Network(IOST) holders.

Reference :Information about DON airdrop
Please refer to the following guidelines for the airdrop.

DON snapshot timeline : The first block created after 2021-02-25 17:00 (KST) (Estimated)
*Snapshot schedule is announced by the Foundation and detail can be found on the website : Foundation Webpage.

The exact payout ratio will be updated through a notice when it is confirmed in the future.

The exact payout schedule will be updated via a notice when it is confirmed in the future.
Snapshots and airdrop payout schedules may be adjusted according to IOST/DON team.

2021-02-24 12:00 ~ If the stability is confirmed after completion of the airdrop support work, a separate announcement will be made through this notice.
*This notice will guide you when we change the timing of suspension of deposit and withdrawals.
*In case of IOST deposit during a break in payout support, it is excluded from the snapshot and will be reflected in the asset after the deposit and withdrawal resume. Please note that you should never proceed with the deposit after the suspension of the deposit support.
Upbit will always put your assets in front of everything.

Thank you
Comment: Fellow Bithumb Users,
This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

Bithumb will support the Donnie Token(DON) airdrop provided to IOST(IOST) holders. To bring benefits to our users, we are holding the following airdrop event. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

1. Donnie Token(DON) Airdrop

■ Donnie Token(DON) Airdrop
- For users holding IOST(IOST) at the time of snapshot
- Airdrop Rate and Date of Airdrop Distribution : details will be announced through a separate announcement.
* This airdrop is subject to change depending on internal circumstances and the Donnie Token(DON) Foundation's airdrop policy.

■ IOST(IOST) Deposit and Withdrawal Suspension and Snapshot
- Deposit and Withdrawal Services Suspension : 2021.02.24(Wed) 12:00 (KST) scheduled
- Date of Expected Snapshot : 2021.02.25(Thu) 17:00 (KST) scheduled
* Snapshot is performed at the first block created after Feb 25, 17:00 (KST) and the expected snapshot timing may change depending on network conditions and block creation speed.
* Amount deposited after the deposit and withdrawal suspension could be omitted from the snapshot and additional action from Bithumb is not available for the omitted amount. Please do not deposit after the suspension of deposit and withdrawal services.
* The schedule of support for the Donnie Token(DON) transaction and deposit and withdrawal services will be announced separately after an internal view.

2. IOST(IOST) Deposit Airdrop Event

■ Event Period : 2021.02.19(Fri) 18:00 ~ 2021.02.24(Wed) 12:00

■ Event Details : 1,100,000 IOST will be distributed to users who deposit at least 1,500 IOST, in accordance with deposit contribution rate of IOST during the event period.
* Deposit Contribution Rate(%) = (Total IOST deposit amount of user A during the event period / Total IOST deposit amount during the event period) %
* The airdrop rewards from the IOST deposit airdrop event will be included in the snapshot for DON airdrop, and will be distributed with DON in the future.
* Users with IOST withdrawal history during the event period will be excluded from the event payment.

■ Note
- This event may be subject to change / terminated early due to internal circumstances.
- Airdrop will be paid only to users who complete Bithumb Member Authentication Level 2 (Personal Authentication) or higher.
- Participation is possible only with one account per person, and if personal information such as mobile phone number, date of birth, email, etc. are the same, they are considered the same account.
- If it is considered an illegal or abnormal transaction, it may be excluded from the event or canceled.
** Exchange and Foundation-related accounts are also excluded from payment.
- Participants who use the Bithumb fee free coupon and prime members are not eligible for this event.

Thank you.
Comment: Announcement on supporting Donnie Finance to airdrop DON tokens to IOST holders
Avatar Huobi
2 hours ago Updated on
respected user:

Huobi Global will support the plan to airdrop Donnie (DON) to IOST holders. The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Snapshot time: 16:00 on February 25, 2021 (GMT+8)

2. Deposit and withdrawal suspension: IOST deposit and withdrawal functions will be suspended at 14:00 (GMT+8) on February 25, 2021, and will reopen after the snapshot is completed .

3. Distribution rules: the amount of DON obtained by the user = the proportion of the user's IOST holdings * the amount of DON obtained by Huobi

Percentage of users’ IOST holdings = user’s IOST holdings / all Huobi users’ IOST holdings (snapshot time)


Huobi Global will issue DON airdrops after receiving DON airdrops.
Minimum requirements for holding positions: 1 IOST (positions or pending orders ≥ 1 IOST).
Scope of snapshots: Huobi Global currency accounts, full/scalar margin accounts (excluding borrowing parts), currency-based perpetual contract accounts (excluding U-standard contracts), mining pool accounts, and sub-accounts are included in the parent account. If the IOST sell order has been completed, the deposit has not been received, or the withdrawal has been completed at the time of the snapshot, this part of the asset will not be included in the statistics. Please exercise caution.
More details: DON will airdrop 5% of the total DON supply to IOST users for the first time
thank you for your support!

Huobi Global
February 21, 2021
Comment: Target has been reached.

This prediction was lucky.

Enjoy profits. Thx.
Trade closed: target reached