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Hi All,
I had originally created this video to answer a number of questions regarding real estate over at MERC but I think it can clear up my views on what my thoughts are on Real Estate over the coming years/decades.
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Hi Rob,

I can help with property cycles and some macro info etc. and offer another insight if that would be beneficial to your subscribers. That is what I specifically study and abide by for all of my timing decisions. eg. 5th June 2020 ... slow down starts in US property market, stops accelerating to be exact, mid cycle upon us ... the biggest boom is about to come ... we have a US president who is MR real estate after all... I am happy to share any info on Slack or just to you. I can see it unfolding before my eyes here in Australia BUT I don't want this to dominate conversation, however, it is a very important conversation to have right about now. What would be "extremely helpful" is if we knew whether a President who had been impeached and proven not guilty could actually sit for a third term .... have you followed this up?
Sincerely, Amber
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ProfitHarvest Tavelwell
@Tavelwell, What's your take on RLGY and IIPR? My two fav real estate stocks. Can't read if they hit their low already or if they'll get wiped out more this year by tanking real estate market.

Any thought appreciated!
golden nuggets on the macroeconomic view, thank you very much
Nice analysis:)
Nice work as always watching yr pinpoints thanks
Nice work